Carl Tiplers MEGA HAUL!!!

As autumn closes into the winter they are still slipping over the net, especially some of the hand picked stock. Scaleys and linears bred from their own fish farm. With amazing growth rates, some are reaching upper 20s. The fish here, a new un-named common of 59lb 12oz's from original Strawberry Fields stock.


Red Letter Session of a life time!

​Rick Shaw just came back from a 6 night session on Strawberry Fields in Kent and just had a Red Letter Session of a life time!

Introducing a mix of pellets, boilies 14mm & 18mm crumbed and chopped, baited up the margins little and often through the week and paid off BIG TIME!

Starting with a pretty 20lb mirror, then a PB Mirror 53lb, then a PB Common of 54lb, followed by another big Common of 40lb.

2 PB's in a session and the first known brace of 50lb!+ Carp from this venue.

"I still can’t believe it now! I’m over the Moon!" This was fished over 4 kilos of bait on a "little and often" approach after every capture, using a size 10 Nash Fang Twister with a 14mm RG Prime boilie.



Please call 07519 770310 for details.


40lb 4oz GHOSTIE!

Dave Farmer has been at it again! This time in the shape of the Fully Scaled Ghostie at 40lb 4oz's. This time stalked off the top and apparently to complete carnage of a fight resulting in the net pole snapping and a cradle being used in the water to net it!


Lee Jackson weighs up to a MASSIVE 63lb 4oz!!!

I started back on Strawberry Fields after a long lay off from fishing due to ill health. On saturday night at 11pm  I had a couple of bleeps and then a belting run on my right-hand rod, after what seemed to be for ever but in real time was only 25 mins I managed to get the fish in my net when I looked inside to see my prize I was a shocked at the size and girth of this magnificent animal that lay in my net.

I called a couple of other anglers round to give me a hand, they were both as shocked as I was at the sheer size of such a lovely fish. The fish known as Lee Jackson has lived in this lake from a small common of 5lb and has now grown on to the fantastic specimen it is now.

I first caught it way back in 1997 when i first started fishing here at Strawberry Fields in those days we had great times catching and watching the fish grow so quickly its almost unbelievable at how this little lake has grown on so many huge fish. I have witnessed so many people catching these fine species and now Lee Jackson has finally gone up to 63lb 4oz I wonder where it will stop?

I have caught this fish from 20lbs to 30lbs then at 42lbs and have many of photo's of her in my albums.

Today I am completely over whelmed at what i have caught as i have caught so many fine carp and other species from around the country but this tops the list by far and something I will always remember fondly.

Thank you to Len the fishery owner for letting me fish this fantastic little lake.

Kind regards,

Leanne Jaynes.


Read about Dave's MASSIVE season on Strawberry Fields

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James Coleman and WACKO JACKO

James does it yet again with the MASSIVE 'Lee Jackson' caught on a moonlit morning at 57lb 3oz's. The full report can be found in 28-5/3-6 2014 Carp Talk, featured on the front cover.


Dave Farmer does it again...!!

Yet another 50lb common... This time the MIGHTY WART at 53lb 7oz's. What a season he's been having here at Strawberry, this his 2nd 50 here of the season. Dave so far has done 26 nights for Just shy of 40 fish, Including..

57lb 4oz Common 
53lb 7oz Common
48lb 12oz Mirror
44lb 8oz Mirror
42lb 8oz Mirror
40lb 4oz Common

So give us a call and see if you can start catching!!



We now currently have the countries biggest day ticket common in our lake. 'Lee Jackson' was caught at the MASSIVE weight of 57lb 4oz by Dave Farmer and featured on the cover of 11-17th September Carp Talk.


Haven't we met before? Angler catches same giant carp he hooked 14 years ago but this time it's DOUBLE the size

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